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Shine a Light on Your Eye Health

Your eyes are so much more than just your vision. They’re a complex network of nerves, receptors, and structures that all work in tandem to bring you your sight. 

However, the sands of time affect us all, including our eye health. Our comprehensive, medically-focused eye exam process helps our team detect, diagnose, and manage potential issues before they can leave a permanent effect.

Enjoy a comfortable, comprehensive, and caring experience. Book an eye exam at Dr. Goldstone Vision Center in Long Beach or Fountain Valley and find the help you deserve today!

How Often Should You Have an Eye Exam?

Every eye is unique, and managing their health requires individual attention from compassionate doctors.

Several factors can increase the risk of developing an eye or vision problem, so we personalize your eye exam to suit your unique health situation. Routine exams are key to managing these issues as early as possible, which is why we recommend following the schedule provided by the American Optometric Association:

  • One eye exam every 2 years for adults between 18 and 64
  • Annual eye exams for seniors over 65

You may need to have more frequent examinations if you have any conditions that could permanently affect your eyes. 

How Aging Affects Your Eyes

As you grow older, your eyes grow older with you. Over time, your eyes could develop a higher risk of several different eye diseases and conditions, some of which can permanently change your sight.

We use advanced technology during your eye exam to get a clear view of the eye structures most affected by aging, some of which include your crystalline lens, macula, and retina. In some cases, eye problems can stem from various overall health problems, like diabetes or genetics.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the exam or your eye health, be sure to contact us today.


Presbyopia is a common eye condition that develops when your eyes gradually lose the ability to focus.

As you grow older, your crystalline lens loses some of the flexibility it had when you were younger. Now that your eye has more difficulty changing its shape, you can experience blurry vision at various distances.

Presbyopia can develop even if you’re already nearsighted or farsighted.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the most common eye diseases affecting adults over 55.

Most people develop a version of AMD called dry AMD, which can slowly thin a part of your eye called the macula. Your macula is responsible for providing the crisp central vision you use to read and see fine details, but AMD can affect this ability over time. In some cases, it could even lead to vision loss.

Learn more about AMD on our Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management page.

Cataracts are a common age-related eye condition that slowly clouds your crystalline lens as you grow older. In advanced cases, it could even lead to blindness.

Cataracts occur when proteins in your eye’s lens break down with aging, causing them to clump together and develop a hazy, milky color that can obstruct your vision.

Glasses and contacts can help correct early vision problems related to cataracts. However, cataract surgery is the only way to remove the cataract lens permanently.

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Comprehensive eye care starts when you book your appointment. If you need help managing blurry vision or an eye disease, we can personalize a strategy right for you. Book your appointment today!

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