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A Comprehensive Approach to Dry Eye Relief

If you’re experiencing uncomfortable, gritty, irritating sensations in and around your eyes, you might be experiencing an issue known as dry eye.

Dry eye is a prevalent eye condition, and several factors may contribute to its symptoms. At Dr. Goldstone Vision Center, we look for the cause of your symptoms by taking an in-depth, clinical approach that examines all aspects of your eye health.

With the help of a comprehensive eye exam, we can then develop a treatment or management plan based on what suits your eyes and life best. Find meaningful ways to alleviate your dry eye symptoms and contact our Long Beach eye clinic today!

What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye, also known as dry eye syndrome or dry eye disease, is an eye condition that can cause several different uncomfortable, irritating symptoms. Dry eye typically develops when your tear film, the layer of tears that cover the surface of your eyes, is missing the adequate components it needs to maintain your eye comfort.

Your tear film uses 3 components:

  • Mucus, to adhere the tear film to the eye
  • Water, to keep the eye hydrated
  • Oil, to prevent your tears from evaporating too quickly

While dry eye may only be uncomfortable during its early stages, it could lead to more serious issues like frequent eye infections or corneal damage.

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction: A Leading Cause of Dry Eye

Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is one of the most common causes of evaporative dry eye.

Around your eyelid margin is a series of glands known as meibomian glands. These glands are responsible for producing the oil content your tear film needs to prevent evaporation. However, blockages and inflammation can prevent a healthy flow of oils to your tear film, leading to uncomfortable dry eye symptoms.

MGD may also lead to other eye problems, like blepharitis or styes.

Approaches Matched to Your Needs

At Dr. Goldstone Vision Center, every treatment we offer is designed to bring you relief from dry eye symptoms. Before we can recommend treatment, though, we’ll want to perform a comprehensive eye exam to look for any other issues that may be causing your symptoms.

Aging, health conditions, medications, and your environment can all contribute to dry eye symptoms. We consider every possible aspect of your life to help us develop a treatment unique to your needs.

Eye Drops

Eye drops are one of the most common strategies for managing dry eye symptoms. We offer several different types of drops, and we could prescribe medicated drops depending on your symptoms.

Some medications may help manage dry eyes by stimulating and supporting your tear film. For instance, omega-3 fatty acids are a common supplement we can recommend if you’re struggling with evaporative dry eye.

Some lifestyle adjustments could also help manage dry eye, like:

  • Using a humidifiers
  • Avoiding dust, wind, and smoke
  • Taking breaks to relax your eyes
  • Avoiding blowing air from air conditioners, fans, and furnace registers

Wash Away Dry Eye Today

You don’t have to live with uncomfortable, irritated eyes. Book a dry eye appointment with our team today and get the help you deserve!

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